# The older you get, the more sensitive you get to the opinions of others. When you are in a trusted environment, you are more confident to play and share your ideas. We fear the judgment of our peers, and we are embarrassed when we show our ideas. This fear is what causes us to be conservative in our thinking leading to the fact that we are afraid to share our wild ideas with anybody else. 

# Every child has an amazing fantasy and imagination. As they grow older, they become more educated and this imagination and creativity somewhat fade away. While education is great to educate people and to make them smarter, education today sucks away the creativity by telling students/children what is right and what is not. Education today does not focus enough on interaction and self thinking, which also has it affect on people’s professional life  -> we do what we are told without questioning because we are thought that we should do so. By not questioning decisions, or at least not addressing them, creativity is blocked away. Creativity and innovation are most of the time direct opposites of the general conception, thus: when you questioning everything (like a child, always asking why) innovation and creativity is promoted.
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