#Buy a notebook, iPod, iPhone, iPad, college block or anything else you can carry around with you. Whenever you have an idea, you have to write it down because if your memory is anything like mine, you will forget it after roughly 63 seconds. Many of the instant ideas we have may be lost forever if you do not make it a habit of writing it down.

# When you are a child you try things and when you fail, you will try it again until you learn it. No one is able to ride a bike the first time and falling is just part of the learning process. When we go to school we are thought not to make any mistakes, even ridiculed when we try something and fail. This will nestle itself in our way of thinking and you will try less and less new things, which may cause you to be reactive instead of proactive. When coming up with innovative ideas, it is important to fail and make mistakes because this will only make the idea better, stronger and well thought of. As in life, success often comes after multiple ‘failures’ and persistency.
You have to award risks and not punish failure. Most innovations fail or do not make a difference. A company that punishes failure, will have employees that stop sharing their ideas due to their being afraid of the punishment, they are incented not to. Do it like Alessi (Failure is part of the innovative process): Work on the edge of failure and expect and hope for ideas to fail. This way a culture is created where the paradigms are circumvented and by going over the edge sometimes, the employees get a good idea how far he should go.
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